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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello world!

Yes this is me- I am new to the blog world, and will try to blog as much as possible; since I am working, interning, and going to school it will be hard.  So, ima busy gal!! I plan on having my own channel on youtube soon [Hopefully in the next 1-2 months], and also having another blog site that isnt personal  [[Subjects on life, makeup, random....]] People say I have good things to say/ have good fashion and makeup tips so why not share??  This blog however is personal, so 90% of you should know me or have seen me one way or another.  So no need to do an about me/introduction right? ;)

I decieded to "Blog" [for this personal site anyhow] because I figure this is a way to vent, let things out, and basically to share with anyone who does care out there to read about me.  May not be any, might be millions.  Who knows?!?! But this is basically me- a college student about to end one chapter of her life, and beginning another in adulthood and independence.  Slightly scary but exciting!!

Also I hope to change for the better, I have so many flaws; But also so many good things going for me.  I need to grow in more ways then one.  I hope I can share my endeavors and experiences with you and you can listen? and maybe help?? [I'll go into more detail later....]

All I know is I am excited for the future, but tired from this first week of my last semester. Everything went well, I am very exhausted so I am off to bed soon.

Tommorow: Work, Moms Birthday Dinner, then out with friends?? Lets see how that goes. Hopefully well.

Night everyone and dream big!

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